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  1. Filling out the same form over & over again

    With a Chrome extension called Autofill

  2. How to stop using so many optional properties in your React TypeScript props

    Using TypeScript unions to define relationships between props

  3. How to interactively rebase git merge commits

    The easiest way to rearrange merge-commit pull requests

  4. Death to Default Exports!

    Why you should go right now and delete every "default" from your codebase

  5. I recreated my blog with Astro.js

    About the ups and downs of switching my Next.js blog over to Astro

  6. How I setup a new Mac

    The perfect terminal, OS settings to build better apps, best Mac productivity apps, & more!

  7. When to use each JavaScript iteration method

    And a practical guide to the reduce() function

  8. How to make your app faster with React's key prop

    A puppy dies every time you set key={index}

  9. I quit LastPass and moved to 1Password after 10 years

    And here's why

  10. How to test TypeScript type definitions with Jest

    You can add tests for your static TS types right next to your regular Jest tests

  11. To squash or not to squash?

    Which merge strategy should your team use for PRs?

  12. Strongly typing a React "component" prop

    Allowing customization of the root node of a React component & maintaining correct prop typing

  13. What I learned from publishing a Svelte library

    The highs, the lows, the lessons learned

  14. What does the isolation CSS property do?

    A little CSS magic that will improve your use of z-index

  15. Deploying a Node.js server that uses websockets

    Websockets are really cool for instances when you need real time communication between your users

  16. Why you should stop using git pull its default form

  17. Make Rebasing Faster...unix style

    An update to an old post that only worked on Windows

  18. 8 JavaScript Testing Mistakes to Avoid

    In no particular order

  19. Better Next.js SSR with React Query

    How to use React Query to server side render in Next.js without code duplication

  20. Is flying on Spirit Airlines worth it?

  21. How to write better commit messages

    You writing "fixed" is hurting your whole team

  22. Why you should stop using Git's default text editor

    Use the text editor you're most comfortable with

  23. New git commands to replace 'checkout'

    Git somewhat recently introduced two new commands, switch and restore

  24. How to use Gremlin Cosmos DB with Azure Functions

    The story that Microsoft docs, for some reason, refuse to tell you

  25. How to get started with Azure Functions in Node.js

    What I've learned from my confusing initial experience setting up Azure Functions in JavaScript

  26. Online Security for the Normal Person, Part 1

    Using a password manager

  27. Git Rebasing 101 - The Log

    This post is the first installment of what I hope to be a comprehensive explanation of the most effective git strategies and workflows

  28. Building an IoC container in C#

    The design and implementation of an Inversion of Control container in C#

  29. Making rebasing faster

    Do you find yourself running "git rebase -i head~N" a lot?

  30. A Shortcut For Git (on Windows)

    What are the three most common letters you type when using git? 'g-i-t'. What if you could reduce that by two thirds?

  31. Moving a branch pointer in Git

    My struggles with a seemingly simple task

  32. iOS View Controller Variable Initialization

    Inside of a view controller, how do I initialize one variable to the value of another?

  33. iOS UI Popover Controller

    What is a UIPopoverController and when should you use it?

  34. iOS Nav Controllers

    When a navigation controller is used to transition the user to a different view where they need to make a selection, how can this selection data be transferred back to the main view?

  35. iOS Data Storage

    What is the preferred way to store static data when building an iOS application?

  36. The Modern Switch Statement

    Why do most languages still require breaks in a switch statement? Is Swift the beginning of the end for these break statements?

  37. What's the best way to create a UI in iOS?

    There are at least three completely different ways to create a UI for an iOS app.