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Zach Olivare

Software Engineer

UI architect with fullstack experience, UX Advocate

I am a web UI architect, with a focus on web-accessibility and a variety of full-stack experience. I have industry leading expertise with React, CSS, and TypeScript. I have implemented design systems for three different companies, published more than a dozen NPM packages, and made contributions to popular open source libraries. I've taught classes on Git, and lead teams of varying shapes and sizes.

I've created applications for the web, desktop, mobile, and embedded devices. I work closely with UX designers and build applications that are accessible to everyone. With more than 10 years of industry experience, I am dedicated to finding effective solutions to complex problems.

Zach Olivare
GLAS thermostat

GLAS by Johnson Controls

  • Architected and built an embedded Windows IoT Core UWP application for Johnson Controls' first ever smart residential thermostat, GLAS
  • As the security champion for GLAS, I worked with security consultants and 3rd party pen testers to meet corporate security requirements

Robert Half Technologies

  • Architected and built a content-focused Gatsby React application (digital magazines)
  • Created a library of reusable React components
  • Developed the front end of a nurse management system that allowed coordinators to search for and manipulate nurse records through a variety of user friendly mechanisms, including a custom Google Maps integration
JCI Open Blue illustration

JCI Corporate Design System

  • Architected and co-built a company-wide design system in vanilla JS, React, and Angular
  • Most of the code was written in vanilla JS to maximize code-reuse, and relatively lightweight wrappers were created for React and Angular to maximize adoption
  • Created and maintained complex monorepo build systems
Bright Cellars logo

Bright Cellars

  • I lead the development of the Bright Cellars design system, a library of easy to use, flexible, themeable React components capable of being used across products
  • Got team and leadership buy in on a re-write of the customer facing site from heavily customized WordPress to Next.js
PowerBI.Tips logo


  • Created an Azure Static Web App for sharing PowerBI reports and an Azure Functions backend with a Gremlin Cosmos Graph DB
  • Created Business Ops, an Electron Windows application and installer to manage extensions for PowerBI desktop
Skyslope logo


  • Architected and lead the development of a $4M revenue product using Next.js, React, TypeScript, React Query, Tailwind CSS, Node, Koa, MongoDB Atlas
  • Implemented the UX design system as a shared JS library. Also created its docs website (Storybook) and gave company-wide presentations to increase adoption
  • Created and thoroughly documented a shared utility library that removed thousands of lines of duplicated code across 10+ projects

Open source contributions

Creator of:

  • Unorepo - A CLI for monorepo management
  • Jest-tsd - An extension to the Jest testing framework to allow direct testing of TypeScript type definitions
  • gremlin-cosmos - A wrapper for the JavaScript implementation of gremlin to make interacting with the Gremlin API of a Cosmos DB less painful.

Build In

TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C#, XAML, Java, Swift, Python

Build With

Git, React, Svelte, Angular, Node.js, Bun, Electron, Next.js, Astro, React Query, Tailwind CSS, SASS, Yup, vite, esbuild, Storybook UI, Gremlin

Build For

Web, Node, CLI, Windows, IoT, Mac, iOS, Android, People

My Other Interests

When I'm not writing code, I enjoy cooking, photography, and spending time with my wife Kierstyn and my two dogs, Lola and Fitz. I'm an avid Brewers fan and love venturing into the great outdoors whenever possible.

Also, as you might have guessed from the design of my website, I also enjoy solving Rubik's cubes now and again.