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Posts tagged "git"

  1. How to interactively rebase git merge commits

    The easiest way to rearrange merge-commit pull requests

  2. To squash or not to squash?

    Which merge strategy should your team use for PRs?

  3. Why you should stop using git pull its default form

  4. Make Rebasing Faster...unix style

    An update to an old post that only worked on Windows

  5. How to write better commit messages

    You writing "fixed" is hurting your whole team

  6. Why you should stop using Git's default text editor

    Use the text editor you're most comfortable with

  7. New git commands to replace 'checkout'

    Git somewhat recently introduced two new commands, switch and restore

  8. Git Rebasing 101 - The Log

    This post is the first installment of what I hope to be a comprehensive explanation of the most effective git strategies and workflows

  9. Making rebasing faster

    Do you find yourself running "git rebase -i head~N" a lot?

  10. A Shortcut For Git (on Windows)

    What are the three most common letters you type when using git? 'g-i-t'. What if you could reduce that by two thirds?

  11. Moving a branch pointer in Git

    My struggles with a seemingly simple task